Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is National Affiliate Network ? National affiliate network runs an affiliate marketing program with may exclusive offers to promote different products or services on your website to blog.
  2. Do I have to pay a fee to join National Affiliate Network ? No there are no sign up fee's to join and promote any of our campaigns listed on our site.
  3. How Do I sign up to promote a campaign i"m interested in ? To join a campaign just simply click on the link and compete the application and submit it to the affiliate they will approve you to promote the campaign.
  4. How do I earn commissions ?   You will be paid directly by the client your commission pay out will be paid based on the program you promote pay out structures are paid per lead or revenue share.
  5.   Will I receive marketing materials ? Once you are approved to promote the campaign you selected the client will provide you with all of the marketing materials and training you will need to get started.
  6. What if I don't have a website or blog ? You can create a website or blog to get started if the client requires a blog or website we can also help you put together a website or blog .
  7. Where can I advertise my site or blog ?  There are several advertising sources you can use like SEO optimization, social media, blogs, forums and  local news papers.
  8. How do I contact National Affiliate Marketing ? fill out a support ticket and some one will get back with you in 24/48 hours.